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SProduction is an established production company working with international partners to create a film that is energized by local talent, yet relevant to the world. We are expanding the horizons of contemporary art direction, cinematography, and sound design. We are nurturing talent and forging collaborative relationships with international production partners.


We are after upcoming actors and actresses, and to help discover who you really are and what you are made of. We will focus on building your weaknesses and strengthening creativity in you. Our world is base on Gospel Movies, True Life Stories, and Documentaries.


We believe video is so much more than a camera, microphone, and editing software- it's an art. We incorporate the psychology of storytelling with dynamics, stunning footage to ensure an effective production; without both, your message will be lost. Effective video marketing incorporates psychology and understanding of consumer buying decisions. By effectively using color, sound, and visual techniques, we involve emotions in our corporate videos and documentaries, much like the feature films we produce and direct.


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