Great quality footage doesn't mean much when it isn't edited properly. Editing can make good footage look bad or bad footage look good. At The Video Genius we like to make great footage look incredible. We have experienced editors that will take your project's raw footage and turn it into a compelling story that will captivate your viewers.


Video editing is the key to making sure that the project you’ve worked so hard to produce during the pre-production and production phases is a success. The editing process involves compiling the footage in an arrangement that tells the story, as well adding the appropriate details, like transitions, titles and graphics as needed.

The goal of today’s video marketing is to be a high-presence attention grabber. We make it easy to turn out spectacular videos that feature new product introductions, internal communications, marketing messages, and corporate image presentations. Word to the Wise: no matter how great the video graphic, you still need a great script! Script writing may seem like a daunting task, but have no fear; we’re here to help! It’s important to determine the end result objective of the video before production begins. Do you want to entertain, motivate, educate or simply cause the viewer to experience certain emotions? The best videos involve entertainment and another factor. You can entertain and educate, or entertain and motivate, but the entertainment factor is key to keep the viewer from straying.

We bring all the equipment needed to film your video at the highest possible quality. Multiple cameras, lights, mics, lavs, dolly, laptops, etc. If you need it, we'll bring it. We shoot on FS700, Canon DSLR cameras, both the 5D and 7D, which give us incredible depth of field in 1080p HD. It's completely digital so if your project doesn't require editing we can transfer the footage to your computer or hard drive right after we shoot it.There's nothing we can't handle and when we get to the shoot it's go time.